Thursday, September 27

When Everything Happens at Once...

I'm having an issue right now, with book two. My characters are telling me too much at once, without telling me where to put things into the story. Grrrrr. I guess I need to go back to writing the scene ideas down, then putting them in my 'holding area' at the end of the manuscript, for later inclusion.

Because right now, I have three different life-threatening situations, a strange genetic occurrence, a three new characters (that were intended to show up, just not this way... it's okay, I like their way better), and I still have babies to be birthed. :)

It's all wanting to happen right now, this instant, but it can't. Argh! LOL

Ah well! I'll get it sorted out. I think I need to take out all the most recent 'new' stuff, take the manuscript back to the second version, and leave the rest for a later story. Yup. I think that's what needs to happen. Trying to get it all into this book is going to take too much work and too much finagling. Some things can be contrived, because they're actually supposed to be. Others... don't work so well.

I think I shall work on the sweater, let my migraine pills kick in, and see what happens when the dust settles. Maybe I need to rearrange my writing area so that I have my 'storyboard' wall back and cane keep track of things without having to go back and read. I get distracted that way, and end up with new ideas! eeep! No, not more new ideas!

Luckily, I can write as many books as I want, and my characters live a really long time. The possibilities for adventure abound! :D Stick with me. This might be fun!

In the meantime, I will leave you with a snippet from Book Two, Brothers in Arms:

Their front door opened and Ri popped her head out, scowling at them both with mock severity.
“I know you’re out here, you know,” she chided them gently. “Come inside where it’s warm. Your dinner is ready and your mate wants to fuss over both of you.”
“Such a sweet invitation,” Hunter murmured, unable to help his tender smile as he strode to the door. He stopped, tucked a finger under her chin and raised her face to his for a kiss of greeting. She was grinning as their lips met, a happy chuckle escaping her. He sighed gustily, resting his forehead against hers for a moment. “It is good to be home, little warrior.”
“That it is,” Jace agreed, unceremoniously shoving his brother into the apartment and taking his place in front of Ri. She giggled up at him, rising on tiptoes to kiss his chin. He laughed and wrapped her in his arms, lifting her against his muscular chest for a deep kiss. When he made a show of kissing her longer and harder than Hunter had, Ri burst into laughter against his mouth and swatted his shoulder. 
He held her captive, still kissing her, as he opened one eye to see how his brother was taking it, only to find that Hunter was already leaning over the computer station, frowning at several screens of data. Well, that was no fun. 
Rolling his eye toward their older brother Sean, though, Jace found satisfaction. Sean’s countenance was considerably darker than normal, his scowl promising brotherly mayhem if he could find a good enough excuse for it, without making it obvious it was because of his longing for Arianna.
“You’re just doing this to make them jealous,” Ri murmured against Jace’s lips. He grinned and nodded, then kissed her tenderly.
That one is for you,” he murmured. She sighed happily and hugged him one last time.
“Put me down,” she chuckled. “I need to check the bread.”
“Please tell me you made sticky buns again,” Jace begged, shutting the door and hanging his cloak on one of the hooks behind it. He followed her into the kitchen area, like a puppy trailing after its owner for treats. Ri turned, her eyes twinkling up at him.
“Would I make anything else with you lot around?” she asked. “Yes, I made sticky buns. But there’s fresh butter bread for dinner, so save your appetite.”
“All right,” he sighed dramatically, then plucked two buns off the plate as soon as she turned her back. But she Read his intentions and whirled back to him.
“Jace!” she admonished in her best ‘mom’ voice, looking as if she was about to chase him down and take the buns away.
“What?” he asked innocently, blinking at her and dancing back, out of her reach. “It’s only two. You know that won’t put a dent in my appetite.”
She glared at him, hands on her hips, her gaze narrowing.
“Either help or go away,” she finally said, rolling her eyes at him.

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