Wednesday, September 19

Calming down a little...

Today was... fun! :)

It started early, with no sleep from last night, but it's all good.

Dropped the hubby off at the high school. He had a teaching day today, with an observer, so it was a big day for him. Then I hit City Lights bookstore in Sylva, NC and had the most awesome bacon/egg/cheese on an asiago bagel that practically melted in my mouth. THAT will happen again! A few cups of coffee, some writing, and some playing on Facebook later... then up to the bookstore I went to get some ideas of what needs to happen if I want to have a book signing in a few months, if it looks like one is warranted. Got some great pointers and picked up a little gift for myself.

I then headed west, to Franklin, NC, to that bookstore, but it was rather busy and didn't seem like the time, so I didn't stop in there. Instead, I popped into the wonderful yarn store across Main Street, to look for another skein of the yarn I've been thinking about using for Arianna's sweater that she knits in Hearts of Ishira. Didn't find exactly what I wanted and was getting a little frustrated with myself for not settling for 'good enough'. Talked with the owner, who seemed interested in the story, told her what I was looking for, and next thing I know... she's got these four hanks of GORGEOUS yarn in exactly the colorway I've been imagining for that very sweater!!!!! I couldn't really afford it, but I bought all four, then sat down to start work on the sweater all over again, this time with the CORRECT yarn. :)

There might be more news related to that yarn shop visit, but I'll save it for if/when it becomes official.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at Ri's sweater, from the cuff to the fingers. I'll post teaser pics as I get more of the sweater done, I promise! :)

Now I'm just trying to figure out if I should try to write, as sleep deprived as I am at the moment, or if I should just sit on the front porch and work on the sweater, which will be fairly mindless from the cuff to the upper arm band. Hmm... decisions... But here's a look at my view from the porch...

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