Friday, March 29

Easter weekend and a special price!

My creative juices have been flowing the last few days, which is only to be expected, since I had stuff other than writing that I needed to focus on! :P

So I've been doing an 'inspiration dump', getting ideas for future stories down in their own files, with all the details I can and a few scenes that came to mind.

Out of town for Easter, then back to hit the keyboard hard and see if I can't wrangle 'Storms of Ishira' (new working title for book two) into some semblance of order. :) I've got the story mostly done... it's figuring out how to make the timeline work that's got me pulling out my hair! LOL

For those traveling, safe journey. For those staying home, enjoy! And for all who are celebrating one holiday or another (or just enjoying having a long weekend), may your holiday be bright, blessed, and filled with love and happiness. :)

BTW... The Natural is on sale for $.99 for another few days! If you haven't read it yet, now's the time. It'll be going back up to regular price next week. :)

The Natural

Tuesday, March 26

mental vacation...

Hi folks!

I hope today finds you warm and cozy, wherever you may be. Here in the southern mountains of North Carolina, it's flurrying off and on, and school has been cancelled for the day, so the HoBA (husband of Bethany Aan) is home from student teaching.

Which means less writing and more time watching shows, playing video games (Yes, I still do that at 42!), and getting my butt handed to me in Scrabble. I'm the wonderful speller in the family, but he's a much better strategist than I am, and often goes for points where I tend to play the more interesting/impressive words, even if it means letting go of points. :D

The writing has been going, but very slowly. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with book two of the Ishira series. I think it's because I want to tell the entire story NOW, but I can't. I've also heard that some folks are turned off by a cliff-hanger and books that must be read in a series, but this IS a series. You CAN read book two before book one, but you're going to miss some important stuff and be halfway into the story. That can't be helped.

Well, it probably could, but this story is unfolding as it will, and my main goal is to tell the story, not appease the masses. :) Hopefully, the story will make up for the cliffhangers. :)

Anyhoo... I've been taking a mental vacation and knitting, instead, working on some birthday presents that will be delivered this weekend when we go home to visit our families for Easter. :)

I also have an urge to write some dirtier stuff, some not-nearly-as-sweet stuff, and I might just do that under another name... see what happens with that. :D Why not, right??

Ah well... I'm off to knit. It has become my form of meditation, since my hands need to stay busy at all times. And since I read an article about crafting releasing the same endorphins and hormones as meditation, it has become a daily 'zen' moment for me. :)

okay, done rambling for now. Hope you have a great afternoon! :) 

Friday, March 8

blog tour stops...

Here's the list of blogs that will be hosting my tour, either with promos or reviews. Two have already posted, one promo, one review, but the review was a great one, which makes me squee. :D

Here are the blogs and their links for the tour.

The Book Diaries

Wicked Wolves & Dreaming Dragons

Butterfly on a Broomstick

Simply Sensational Book Fanatics

Romance is in the Air

Share My Destiny
9 March,

Italian Brat's Obsessions

Crazy Four Books

deal sharing aunt

Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After

Faerie Tale Books

And Then I'll be on the 10th

So check them out, share the links with friends who might enjoy Ishira, and have fun! There are giveaways on each stop, so enter to win digital copies of both my books! :D 

Blog tour starts tomorrow!!

If you haven't already read Hearts of Ishira, maybe this weekend will help you figure out if it's right for you!

I'm having a blog tour! I'll post details tonight or tomorrow morning, so you know where to go. There should be a chance to win the Hearts of Ishira/The Natural bundle (e-book) on each blog stop, so visit them all! You might find a new favorite review site while you're at it. :D

In other news, I have a project in the works that will hopefully be a neat little diversion for you and me. I'll post more on that once I've worked on it a bit longer. Wouldn't want to leave you hanging to begin with, so I'll get at least the first few posts up, then we'll see how it goes. :)

I have been working on Ishira, book two. The new name is tentative, so I'm not posting that yet, but so far, I'm really liking where it's going. :) I hope you will, too! I'm determined that the 'second book syndrome' won't happen with Ishira, and that hopefully they get better as the series continues... not worse, like in so many others. I'm trusting my fans and my beta readers to make that happen. :)

Okay... time to get back to writing! Maybe if this weekend goes well, I'll post a teaser on Monday. So be sure to spread the word, once I get you the links!