My Ratings

Since I read a bunch of different stuff, I'll have several rating systems to use.

1 AA- got me a little excited.
2 AAs-The panties are a little moist...
3 AAs- You have my attention, and I need to change panties.
4 AAs- I've already gone through several exciting bits and now I realize that the toys must come out.
5 AAs- Damn! I'm gonna need to restock on batteries next time I'm at the store...

Special Categories: 
Rechargeables- This one will ONLY be given for books that would be 'go to' sex scenes for stimulation purposes. :D
Plug-In- Need the big guns for this one, and you'll want a shower afterwards. Your panties will need to be replaced. Possibly several times. On second thought, just don't wear them. It'll be easier that way.

Now, since I won't be getting ALL erotica, I should  have something for the more tame books, huh?

Nice and sweet, but probably won't stay on my keeper shelf or in my archive.

 It was okay, but there are other books I'd recommend ahead of it.

Now we're talking... good book, but not a keep-me-awaker. Would probably have to think about whether to discard it, if i needed more room on my archive/keeper shelf.

Wow. This one stays with me and will be read more than once, will definitely recommend to friends.

This author is now at the top of my TBR pile as soon as a new book comes out. I will recommend to everyone that listens, and will probably gush about it a bit after reading it. Might even read it again immediately, or will go purchase other books from
                                                                                    the author/series, because I just can't get enough.

Coffee cups: basically, this one kept me up late enough that I either needed caffeine to keep reading or Ineed this many cups in the morning, to get going again. :) 

 I read one or two chapters past where I wanted to stop, just to get to a good stopping point.

The husband rolled over and glared at me to shut the light off and go to sleep.

Up till 2 or 3 am, gonna need a nap after he leaves in the morning!

4 am? Are you kidding me?? How'd it get to be that late/early? Ugh! But totally worth it.

DON'T read this book the night before you have to get up and be productive the next day! Save it for the weekend.
Just sayin'...


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