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Wicked Blog Hop!

Welcome to my stop on the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop! 
Thank you to Nikki of Close Encounters and author Natasha Blackthorne for hosting this hop.

So the theme for this is something Halloween related or Wicked. I hope this counts... :) 

How Wicked is wicked??

I've always been asked why in the world I would want to write erotica/romance. Even twenty years ago, when I first tried to get serious about my writing, it was always something that a lot of authors seemed to feel obligated to do. I kept my mouth shut back then, not wanting to seem like I was the odd-ball (though of course I was), but they all blushed and said how hard it was to write the sex. I wanted to jump up and ask them how they managed to keep from writing the fun parts??

I guess it's wicked of me to admit that I've always been fascinated by reading and writing about sex. I'm a romantic at heart, so I love the sex mixed with a good love story. No, I don't like smut. I don't like the nasty stuff in a lot of adult magazines or anything like that. I LIKE the cheesy names for genitalia, like a little bit of dirty talk here and there, but I don't like the smut that is often printed.

And even more wicked? I've always had a fascination with multiple partners at once, males specifically. I don't write about males having sex, and I doubt I ever will. I don't know what that would be like, being firmly of the female persuasion, and there are plenty of people who write about that. But I do know about having sex with men, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I quite like it!

So my answer to folks who ask why I write what I write? No, I'm not trying to follow in the footsteps of recent erotica *cough* shades of what? *cough cough*, and no, I'm not jumping on a bandwagon. Some of the things I'm working on are from stories I've been writing for the past nearly 20 years, when that kind of thing wasn't published by any 'reputable' publishing house and such books were kept out of the reach of children, in hard-to-find areas of the bookstores. It's only been in recent years where erotica has been allowed to creep into romance, sci-fi, etc, in the mainstream customer base. And I'm so very glad!!! I can finally, FINALLY write the kinds of stories I've always wanted to write.

The simple truth is, I LIKE writing about sex. I love it when emotion and physical sensation swirl together into an incredibly intimate experience for the people involved. Very rarely will you see me write about sex without a relationship already in place, and almost never on casual sex or one-time 'hook ups'.

When sex is done right, it's awesome. When it's between people who genuinely like and respect each other, who love each other for all the right reasons, it's amazing. And in a story, when you throw in an extra heart or two... well, the more, the merrier!

Here's a sample, from my first book, Hearts of Ishira:

Shocked, she gasped and leaned back, looking at the two of them. Hunter stared at his brother for a moment, then grinned and nodded. As one, they rose. Hunter carried her back to their quarters and straight into his bedroom, her legs locked around his waist. She giggled all the way home. Jace stripped his clothes off as he went through the living area, then took over kissing her breathless as Hunter dumped her on the bed and took off his boots and pants. When the men were naked, they went to work on Arianna, leaving her gasping in constant surprise when one of them nipped a piece of flesh or kissed something he’d just bared to his view. Within minutes, they were all naked and she had a man on either side of her, looking down at her with twin expressions of desire.
“Oh, wow,” she whispered, looking up at both of them, her heart pounding in anticipation.
“If you do not wish this, little one,” Hunter breathed, his big, warm hand on her stomach. Jace was nibbling on her shoulder where it joined her neck, “Now is the time to say so.”
             She couldn’t speak, so how could she possibly say no? 

*   *   *   *
And a little bit later in the book:

Ri bit back a nervous giggle at their playacting, then choked on it when she felt Hunter’s long finger slide down her spine, not stopping at the bottom, but moving into the crack of her ass, dragging her gown down her hips as he did so. She sucked in a shivering cry as the finger continued right down until it slid neatly into her already wet core. Her head fell back as he sank his long finger into her depths and expertly dragged his fingertip over her G-spot, making her shudder in reaction with each firm pass. Her hips shivered and jerked involuntarily.
“What have you found there, brother?” Jace asked, his voice overly curious.
“I believe I have found an internal mechanism for making her wiggle,” Hunter said with delight. “Look, if I do this,” and he added another finger, using both of them to tickle her inner spot, “Her thighs shiver and her hips jerk.”
“Well, what if I were to do … this?” Jace asked, adding his finger to her core with no warning. She cried out, feeling so full, then again when Jace made another exaggerated sound of discovery, his thumb brushing over her clit. “I have found my own little mechanism! I wonder what happens if I push this little button right here...”
Her body bucked as he brushed his thumb over her clit again, and she cried out softly. He did it again and again, just for his own amusement. Her hips moved of their own accord and her channel pulsed around their fingers.
“I wonder what would happen if you work the inner one and I work the outer one?” Jace asked curiously.
“We should find out,” Hunter said decisively.
“For science, of course.” Jace affirmed. “We are dealing with an unknown species, after all. We must discover everything about the workings of her body, I think.”
“I think you’re right,” Hunter agreed. “On three?”
“Yes. One, two… three.”
The assault on her senses was devastating. Jace’s thumb circled her clit, then pressed, as both of their fingers slid back then delved into her, brushing firmly against her G-spot. Ri sobbed their names and trembled between their wonderful hands.
“Well, that was quite a reaction,” Jace said with satisfaction. “I wonder what else would make her twitch like that? She has an amazing nervous system. Everything seems to be connected in a very intriguing way.”
“I can see that,” Hunter said, playing along. “I wish to try something new that I read about in one of her books.”
Ri sucked in a ragged breath as his fingers left her, slowly moving to the tight little rosebud of her ass. He spread her juices around the little pucker. Ri’s heart threatened to leap from her chest when he dove two fingers back into her channel, moistening them and gathering more of her natural lubrication, then spreading it liberally on her anus. Her eyes met Jace’s, hers a bit apprehensive.
But Jace merely met her gaze and, when she would have jerked her hips away from Hunter’s  intrusion, he held them tight, leaning down to take her nipple between his sheathed teeth and bite down on the turgid peak. She let her head fall back as electric shock speared from her nipple straight to her groin, bringing her to a new level of throbbing awareness. Hunter used that moment of distraction to gently press his finger into her virgin ass, giving her a moment to adjust to the feeling.
He breathed softly into her ear. “Do you trust me, little one?”
Arianna hesitated, then nodded. She was anxious. She’d never done anal before, but she’d read about it and had been intrigued. Hunter moved his other hand around to splay on her tummy, holding her steady as his long finger delved further into her, loosening her. The pressure was… strange. She didn’t quite know what to make of it, but she wasn’t given much of a chance to think about it. Jace, seeing her distraction, began lavishing her breasts with attention, biting, sucking, and licking at her until she was a mass of throbbing need. While his mouth played with her nipples, his hand was working her below, two long fingers inside her, his thumb still torturing her sensitive clit. She reached her peak quickly, both orifices filled with their fingers, and felt the sensations of her walls gripping both of them tightly in orgasm. Her eyes flew open.
If it felt like that with just their fingers…
“Brother,” Jace said, watching her face with growing delight and hunger, “I believe she liked that.”
“I think you’re right,” Hunter groaned behind her, having sensed her intrigue and her curiosity.
She knew when he gave up the game, when need overtook play, and she found herself breathing faster with anticipation. 
(A reader review from Barnes and Noble)

I might have to change my ID to AanReader. This was a terrific

I might have to change my ID to AanReader. This was a terrific read. Good storyline and great characters who make you care about what happens to them. Although...I may have to "adjust" my views on marriage. Still, if it works for the Thorsani.... OK, whens the next book? Write faster.


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  1. For my amazing outta space mates I would say four or more i like my evens lol. And would wings count as a superpower? I would love to fly that would be so cool

    1. Jen, I hope that wings count... I've got something in the works that will include those!

  2. Glad to be joining you in this blogfest!

    Tim Brannan

  3. You asked: If you were the heroine of a sci-fi/fantasy romance/erotica, what would your 'super-power' be, and how many mates would you have?
    I would like to have the ability to read minds. The reason being it would save a lot of time, drama, and conflict and move on to the good stuff. Since I am a true romantic I want know what would please my mate. I could then focus all my energy toward that end. I would be comfortable with 2 mates at the most. To me, any more than that is arkward.

    Thanks for letting us share!

    Belinda G

  4. Belinda, thanks for responding to the question!!! You might like my book, then, as it has both of those elements to it. Thanks for entering, and good luck!!!

  5. I don't know what my super power could be. Uggh....maybe the ability to morph into my mates wildest fantasy in the bedroom. Who says you can have only one mate? Maybe one solo but plenty of 'others' to play with!!! LOL
    Enjoy the hop, come sign up for my gift card. ;)

    1. PS what's the URL for your give-away??

    2. Oh, I came back and found this too late. The hop was so much fun will be doing another one very soon!
      brattyadaline at gmail dot com

  6. Adaline, exactly!!

    In my book, Ri (the heroine) the Thorsani (the aliens) have a different approach to mating/marriage, especially within the military units. So while it takes a bit of time for the Earth ladies to wrap their brains around the fact that they CAN have more than one mate -in fact, it would save a lot of trouble!- once some of them do, lots of fun follows. :)

    I like the sexy-morph super-power, too! I wish I had that NOW! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Good luck!