Tuesday, October 2

Sorry so quiet...

Sunday was my birthday, which was a WONDERFUL day! My Mommy *grin* sent me the first printed copy of my book!!!! She inscribed it, even. I cried. I didn't have a hard-copy myself yet, but I was given the very first one. :) I haz a happy!

Monday was spent on the road with my cousin, adopted cousin, and the AC's incredibly cute/beautiful baby. (insert baby SQUEEEE here), then a surprise visit to another cousin, his wife, and their little girl, who, it turns out, is my mini-me. :D (my second mini-me. I have another, which is, ironically, this one's first cousin. *grin*) Spent the night with them, then rode home through rainy, cloudy, color-changing mountains this morning... and came home sick as a dog. Ugh!

If this is the same illness that's been running through my household, I will be down for the count for several days. So don't send out a search party QUITE yet. :P

Send well-wishes, energy, healing thoughts, prayers... whatever you like. Just don't come over. We haz Da Plague. :P

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