Thursday, October 11

And then there's that...

So tonight I'm logging into facebook under my real name, and I get IMed by my cousin, who says her dad's going to read my book.

My first reaction is EEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!!!

The second reaction was pretty much the same, only with a LOT of color in my cheeks.

See, the thing about writing a book you'd want to read is that you're more than likely going to write a book that members of your family will also want to read. 1) Because you wrote it, and 2) Because they probably had a great deal of influence on what kind of reading material you were steered toward as a child and grew to love as an adult. Maybe with your own spin on things, yes, but still...

Our family is a huge reading family. We're as likely to have spirited debates over book series we've all read as over movies we've all seen... and the books are probably the more popular of the two. So while we can ALL agree that the Avengers was a great movie and Thor is uber-yumminess incarnate, we will debate, at length, the best wood to use for a magic wand, as presented in Harry Potter, versus other books with magic wands. (teehee, I almost wrote 'magic wangs'. That's another category altogether, but one I will possibly explore someday! LOL)

I fully expected my mom to read my book. She's my biggest fan and always has been. I do have to warn her about the naughty bits, but she's okay... she just skims past them and goes on with the story.

My cousin has promised to warn my uncle about the same thing!

I guess writing romance and/or erotica is kind of like being topless in a movie. You can do it, but just remember that your family is probably going to want to watch the movie at some point. You need to warn them when the naughty bits are cropping up, so they can skip 'em if they want.

Hmmm... maybe I should write a version without any naughtiness at all?

Nah... that wouldn't be any fun, now would it??? :)

Hope you enjoy it, Uncle Sam! :)

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