Wednesday, August 3

Greetings, all.

Sorry that I've gone so long between posts. The past year has been, well, hell. I have not been able to get a lot of writing done for several reasons, and right now, I'm dealing with a major medical issue that kind of has my brain in lock-down until we get it sorted out.

The past year has seen a major increase in my back/hip pain and I'm now in a wheelchair most of the time when we go out and about, even for regular household shopping. I tend to have to lie down a lot, and haven't found a good solution for my computer when I'm stuck in bed for hours at a time.

Two weeks ago, I had two horrible pain episodes unrelated to my back/hip and went to the ER for them. Thought it was my gall bladder, but an ultrasound showed nothing to worry about there, but my blood work showed some alarming liver numbers. I was told to see an upper GI ASAP, which I did. I went for more blood work (since there was a week and a half between the ER and the doc), and I'm waiting to get the results from that, since my doc has been out of the office until yesterday. Tomorrow, I go for a liver MRI to check for fatty liver (which I already know I have) and scarring. In five days, I go for a HIDA scan, which tests gall bladder function. The GI doc thinks it could still be gall bladder, but without obvious stones. I PRAY that's the answer, because I have had liver issues before, have had fatty liver for almost a decade (non-alcoholic, but probably brought on by pain meds, since I reacted to ibuprofen back in the 90s by turning yellow), and if it IS liver damage, from the symptoms I've read, it's not good. I shouldn't be having this much pain, apparently.

So basically, I AM working on the sequel to Hearts of Ishira. I have been all along. I am also working on a few other projects that I hope folks will enjoy, and those are in various stages of completion. I don't have any publishing dates at this time, because we're trying to get my health under control. Once I'm no longer terrified of cirrhosis or something else life-altering/threatening, it will be much easier to concentrate on my writing again.

Right now, most of my heroines tend to either be in a wheelchair (with hunky doctors and physical therapists helping her through and loving her in spite of her limitations, of course!) or I'm writing the darker stuff for the various stories, since I'm not in a good head space for the light, sexy stuff at the moment.

All that being said, I AM still writing, never fear! I'm also reading a lot, so hopefully I'll be able to get some good books up on my review page soon.

If you're the praying type, please hold me up. If you send energy, please think of me. I accept well-wishes and love from anyone! I don't discriminate. ;)

We're hoping for gall bladder/no liver issues, since the gall bladder is a very easy, simple fix.

Wish me well for tomorrow's MRI! We're hoping to see no/minimal scarring and just fatty liver. Fatty liver, btw, can be reversed with diet. Completely. Scarring and cirrhosis cannot. Eep! 

PS for all the morbid folks out there, I am going to write a 'this is what was going to happen' post, just in case I kick the bucket at some point before I can finish anything, and my hubby will post it at that time. Not that we're expecting anything like that, but I'd hate to leave you all hanging forever. ;) LOL

PPS on the bright side, I've made some great strides in my abuse recovery, which has led to freed inhibitions with my writing. I won't go into detail, but I FINALLY made it to the 'anger' stage against my abuser, and that has opened all sorts of doors and windows in my mind. It will truly help, when we get the other medical stuff sorted. <3