Teasers and Snippets From Bethany Aan

Before you click on ANY of these snippets, remember that there will be spoilers, especially if you have not read the first book yet! Just sayin'...

Teasers for Hearts of Ishira:

Hunter, Ri, and Jace, in the shower, day one on Ishira for the girls, from Hearts of Ishira.

Excerpt from the chandelier scene...
Teasers from book two in the Ishira series:

Excerpt from first chapter of book two in the Ishira series

Sean's Growing Obsession...
Snippet from book two...

Ri and Sean, first kiss
Book two of the Ishira series

Ri and Sean
Part of a scene on the balcony, book two

Ri and the boys, excerpt from The Challenge scene

Teaser from 'The Natural'
Unpublished sci-fi/paranormal menage:

Another teaser
and another teaser... 

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