Wednesday, January 9

new book almost ready... but not the one you're thinking of. :)

So yeah... I took out a novella I'd been working on last summer, re-read it, let a few of my beta readers take a look, and it has been deemed worthy. :)

Soon as the final edits are done, I'll put it up for sale.

Warning: This is NOT an Ishira book. This is the beginning of a series of 'Afternoon Delights' that I hope folks find enjoyable. About 30K words and most of it the fun stuff. :D

just a teaser:

“If I... do this...” she stammered, her face going red. “What are the... rules?”
“For which sort of Training?” Hamm asked, eyes narrowing.
“The… all of it.” Her face felt like it was on fire, but she was tired of being a sheltered ‘good girl’. She wasn’t one. She didn’t know who or what she was. But if she was going to be on her own, she wanted to know more about herself, the universe in which they lived… Everything that life had to offer, by the gods!
Drake’s eyes flashed with fierce triumph. She was considering it! He settled back on the bed.
“You will accept us, either or both of us, whenever we wish, however we wish, and you will obey us in everything, unless we give you leave not to.”
“You’ll... Do I get time off?” She looked startled. He chuckled.
“Everyone gets a day off,” he assured her. “You’re a student, not a slave or a servant. You will have one day per cycle, to do with as you wish. On that day, and that day only, will you be allowed to tell us to go bugger ourselves, if you wish.”
A startled chuckle escaped her. He winked at her.
“My job, though, is to see to it that you do not wish.” His voice went deep and husky with desire, sending a shimmering heat through her. It settled between her legs and began throbbing gently. “I hope that we create such a need in you that you use your ‘free’ days to satisfy your own curiosity.”
She gulped again. He rather liked that endearing little trait.
“So... I will have to obey you, make myself... available?” she asked shyly. “In a... sexual way?” The men looked at her as though she’d lost her brain. She shook her head and muttered. “That was stupid. Well, it was worth clarification, wasn’t it?”
Drake almost laughed at the mutinous expression on her face.
“What else?” she asked, bracing her shoulders.
“You learn.” He told her sternly. “We will be Training you not just to please a partner, but to be a partner. You will be tutored on many things... dancing, clothing, social skills, galactic politics and history, finances, cooking, self-defense... anything and everything we can think of that will turn you into a street-wise and court-worthy lady.”
“That doesn’t sound so bad,” she murmured. She thought about it for awhile. He and Hamm were silent, patiently waiting for her decision. Finally, she sighed and looked up at them. “When would we start?”
She squeaked. “Now?
“Right now, in fact. Before another minute passes and you have a chance to change your mind.” He grinned to let her know that he was kidding. Mostly.
“But... why now? Can I not have a day to...”
“No.” Hamm told her, gently but firmly. “In our experience, you will make yourself sick and frantic, worrying about this first time.”
“If we Initiate you tonight,” Drake said gently, “Then you will have no fear tomorrow, and you will be able to go to sleep without nightmares or anxiety. In fact, it’s our duty to make sure that you go to sleep with a satisfied smile on your face, and too tired to worry about anything else.”

I'll post links once it goes live. :) 

And the cover, as it stands right now: 


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