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Greetings! Glad you found me!

I don't have many review policies, but I do have some. Gotta have limits, right?

I will read just about anything except vampire and werewolf shapeshifting. Those get plenty of coverage from other blogs, and to be honest, I'm just not really into them.

What I AM into-
All of these categories are understood romance/erotica/romantica:

* Sci-fi: Any and all Sci-Fi:
   I like it best when the romance is the focus, but I'll read the rest, too. I love me some aliens!

    Examples: The Ninth Orb, Rejar, Johanna Lindsey's Warrior Woman series

* Fantasy: 
   Magic, wizards, warlocks, witches, sorceresses... you get the idea. I also love medieval-feel fantasy, but there's got to be a fantasy aspect to it... not just a historical book.
    Examples: Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series, Elizabeth Lowell's Forbidden trilogy, Wizard of Seattle

* Angels: Love angel stories, the more bad-ass, the better.

* Shape-shifters: Dragons are my preference, but anything really cool will work. Except for wolves, and that's more saturation than anything else. If you're going to do a wolf-shape-shifter, I want a great story to back it up, not just another werewolf story.

*  Paranormal:
    Psychics, healers, psychokenetics, astral travellers... you get the idea.
    Ghosts need a neat hook, not just 'he's a ghost in an old house'. Show me something different!

Anything not listed above, send me an e-mail at and ask. I am ALL about breaking down walls and crossing boundaries, so you never know what will strike my fancy. Never hurts to ask!

Oh, and I ADORE series, especially when the main characters from previous books still have a decent role or are still the main characters. I LIKE spending more time with folks I've fallen in love with, and I want to see what comes after the HEA.

Speaking of which... it's got to be a HEA. Even if it's a cliff-hanger, as long as I know that there's more to come and that a HEA is the ultimate goal, I'm fine. Don't make me fall in love with your characters then have them split up in the last chapter. That will make me sad. My reviews will mirror the level of sadness. Just sayin'.

I also like longer books. I know a lot of reviewers have word counts... I don't. If you've got a nice, long book with a great story, I would rather read that than twelve novellas or shorts. (I'll read the shorter ones, too, but I was raised on novels, and that's what I prefer. I also write long books, so I've run into the word count issue. Not gonna happen with me.)

 So there ya go.

If you think you have something that I'd enjoy reading, send me an e-mail with a blurb or a link to your book/page/etc, so I can check it out. If it looks like something I'll like, I'll let you know and we can work out details after that. And it can be something that's been out for awhile, as long as you haven't had a great deal of publicity for it already. Preference given to indie and self-pubbed writers, but please be aware that typos and bad grammar make me twitch. If I twitch a lot, I don't finish the book unless it's REALLY good, but I will base my ratings on how often I was taken out of the story for such things.

send your blurb/link/pitch to

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