Tuesday, May 21

so sorry!!!

I'd like to send out a huge apology for falling down on the job in the past few weeks.

First off, at the age of 42, my sweet husband, my hero, partner in crime, and all-around silliness angel, graduated from university! He now has degrees in mathematics and education. While that is an amazing accomplishment at any age, it's harder when you have a broken wife, a mother who had a horrible cancer incident in your first semester, and the constant worry of both of their failing health issues.

I'm so proud of him, I can barely stand it! Anyone who's also a friend on Facebook will see me refer to HoBA. That's Husband of Bethany Aan, a name he picked out himself. :) He IS my every inspiration, my every achievement, and the rock upon which I build my every dream.

I kinda like him, can you tell? :D

Anyhow, with his graduation and the party we held for him afterward, I was a *wee* bit busy the week before last.

Last week, I was recovering from the week before. :P Those health issues, you see.. they hit me hard. I thought it was Tuesday and was quite surprised to find out it was Friday. Yeah. That was last week in a nutshell.

This week, we're moving. Yup, college kids gotta move back into the 'rents' house for the summer while HoBA looks for a job. :) We're looking at a few different counties in North Carolina, as that's our home state and where he'll be licensed, but we're also looking at Turkey.

Yup. You read that right. Turkey.

Why? you might ask... Well, I'll tell you. My best friend in the world (other than HoBA of course) has been teaching in Turkey for the past three years. She shall be teaching in Turkey for at least one more. They made her an offer she couldn't refuse. :) But I am damned tired of part of my heart being overseas. So, as they say in the Muslim world... if Muhammad will not come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Muhammed. Or something like that. Please don't burn me in effigy if I got that wrong. I mean absolutely NO disrespect! So when I talked to her on Skype this past weekend, I let her know we were absolutely serious about moving over there for HoBA to teach, if she could give us a few leads on jobs.

I thought she was gonna cry. I know I about did! But it turns out that she JUST signed a lease on a three-bedroom apartment right across the street from the school she'll be teaching at, and she would LOVE to have roomies. :D Us. Yup. So not only do we have an 'in', but we have a place to live, with my best friend. :) Have I mentioned I haven't seen her in THREE frickin' YEARS??? The cookie dough shall be epic...

Ahem. I digress.

Anyhow, if you've been wondering why the dearth of reviews, updates, etc... well, now you know. :) I've been a wee bit busy.

But I'll try to get a few reviews up in the next few days. If I'm not able to, please forgive me. We still have a LOT happening between now and the end of the month. June should be a lot calmer, and YES I'm still trying to get Brothers in Arms, the sequel to Hearts of Ishira, published by the end of August. Don't hold me to that, as things could change if we DO end up needing to move to another country, but right now, the goal is end of August. :)

And there are a few other things in the works, as well. If you know me by now, you know that I am pathologically incapable of writing only ONE story at a time. So I have several going at once. But it's okay... my betas tell me that so far, so good, on all of them. :)

Okay, champagne ramblings ending now. Bear with me as I get my life back into some semblance of order! I'll be back soon, with reviews, snippets, and much more! In the meantime, try to keep up at www.facebook.com/BethanyAan
 (seriously... go like! I'm only 20 likes away from 200! I will squee so loud when that happens!!!!)

Okay. done now. Nite nite! 

Oh, in case you missed them... here are a few teasers from my FB page... all from Brothers in Arms...