Sunday, January 27

First Book signing on the calendar!!!!

My local book store ROCKS!!!!!

City Lights Bookstore and Cafe, in Sylva, NC, is awesome. Not only do they have both new and used books. Not only do they have lots of comfy seating and a fireplace to curl up next to. Not ONLY do they have a cafe downstairs that serves amazing food, wine, and locally crafted beers... They also support indie and local authors.

I showed Hearts of Ishira to the guy who arranges book store events when we went in there after breakfast today. Short story- I will be attending my very first book signing on Saturday, April 6th, 2013, from 3pm until they run me off. :)

LOTS to do between now and then, but I'm HOPING that I will have four books available in print by then: Hearts of Ishira, Songs of Ishira, The Natural, and the sequel to that one, which is almost done but the name hasn't slapped me in the face yet. :D (And Tentacle Lovin' just doesn't seem like the best choice, so I'll keep searching. *grin*)

That's my news for now!

Just wanted to share. :D


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