Saturday, January 26

Epiphanies ROCK!

Well, after all the excitement of the holidays and the past two weeks being sick as a dog, I'm finally back to actually being productive with the writing! I've been working on Songs of Ishira (formerly titled Brothers in Arms) and tonight I had a breakthrough! Whoot! So hopefully the writing will just zoom from here, and I am hoping to have it finished and out some time in March.

Don't quote me on that, but I am going to do my best to make it so. :)
On another writing note, I'm only 4 sales away from my first big self-imposed milestone for Hearts of Ishira!!!! So if ya liked it, spread the sales links or to family and friends, reading groups, random strangers in the right sections at bookstores... whatever! LOL If I can get this milestone, I'll be doing a happy dance! LOL

 For now, because a number of you have asked (and I LOVE reading the e-mails from folks who love Ishira as much as I do!), here's a snippet. It might not be in finished form, since I just wrote it tonight and haven't even edited, but it's proof that I really AM working on it! LOL Right now, I'm only at 85K words, so there's a lot of story still to tell, but Sean is proving to be quite an engaging, determined suitor... and a lot of fun to imagine while I'm writing. *grin* 

For those who don't know, Sean is loosely based on Chris Hemsworth, only with dark hair and green eyes. Yeah. Let that image burn into your fantasies. :)  

So here's your snippet... it's not much, but I'll add some teasers as I go... hopefully without spoiling too much of the first book, for those who haven't read it yet. :) 

Her mates wanted him to use his recovery time to look after Ri? 
He didn't quibble. He was being given permission to do exactly what he'd wanted to do... spend more time alone with Arianna.
So he watched her.
He watched Ri cook, watched her clean. He watched her spin, knit, crochet, sew, and embroider as they listened to music from both their worlds. He watched her blush as he read some of her favorite books that had been translated into Thorsani. One afternoon he watched her suck in her breath when, during some of the naughtier love scenes, he sent her a mental image where he superimposed himself and his brothers for the sexy ‘heroes’ of the book, and her as the seduced heroine. He did that for two hours straight, finding every love scene she had bookmarked, until she fled into her room, slamming the door on his knowing laughter.
That plan backfired, though, when both of her mates arrived shortly afterwards, already aroused, and joined her in their bed to work off the passion that Sean’s mental images inspired.
And Ri, the spiteful little kimi, kept just enough of her own feelings mentally shielded so that Sean didn’t receive quite enough of her passion to reach completion himself. He’d learned his lesson and spent far too much time in his parents’ bathroom, trying to calm himself down. Ri’s twinkling eyes and twitching lips that evening had let him know that she had been very aware of her effect on him, and that he’d got what he’d deserved. 
Instead of angering him, though, the incident showed him that she could fight her battles and that she wasn’t some unsuspecting, blushing innocent that he’d be able to sweep off her feet.
He backed off on the obvious sensuality and decided to study her a bit more. She was an intriguing bit of a thing, and his goal shifted. He would have to seduce her on an intellectual level, not just the physical.      Arianna had all the physical stimulation she needed in Hunter and Jace. If Sean wanted to appeal to her, to make a place for himself in her world, he had to create a need within her, the need for something that was specific to him. Something his brothers could not give her. Something that appealed to the dreams and longings of the woman inside. 
     So he watched, and he waited. 
     And the longing within him grew. 
     Deep in his soul, Sean burned...
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That's it for now. I'm thinking of another give-away to do soon, and there's something else that's in the works, something HUGE, but I'll tell you about that when plans are finalized! :D 

Of course I'm a tease. It's kind of my job! :D 

Back to writing! 

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