Thursday, February 7

Let's talk research

And by research, I mean porn. Yes. Porn.

For instance: tonight, after more than a few requests for Christine (from The Natural) to encounter 'tentacle porn', I decided to do some in-depth research into just what folks are talking about. Yes, I've seen lots of pictures that boggled the mind and sent the imagination spiraling into very strange places. :D After tonight, I have seen a number of anime movies that make me question whether there's any young woman in Japan that has had sex that was a) consensual, b) not with an alien, and c) where she didn't explode (literally) at the end.

I am promising my readers, here and now, that if I ever write tentacle porn, it will be such that the woman enjoys it and there are plenty of 'mouths' to go around. Oh, and she won't be force-fed a cock. Guys, no one likes that. No one. I don't care what pornos tell you, no woman likes a cock shoved in her mouth and down her throat. Gagging and almost throwing up are NOT erotic. Period. (and if your woman says they are, then there's something seriously wrong with her. Check for crazy eyes and make sure to use protection. You don't want that to breed!)

So anyhow... Yes, I am planning on writing some tentacle porn, among other things. :D But no, it will not be the rape-scenes that seem to dominate the genre, nor will it be all pleasure for the tentacles and none for the girls.

If they're crying, it will be in ecstasy!

Now... back to life.

Still working on Songs of Ishira, though I'm working with a handicap. The laptop that has been my beloved companion for the past four years is on its last legs. Tomorrow will be spent backing everything up and experimenting to see if my favorite word processing program will work on my netbook. I can't afford a new computer at the moment, so I will make do! But the plan is to have Songs done and published by the end of March, if at all possible.

Also, I will be participating in a blog tour March 9-10th! Stay tuned for details!

And of course, if you're in the southwest mountains of North Carolina April 6th, I will be holding a book signing at City Lights Bookstore. Come, join me, and if you like, stick aroudn for lunch at City Lights Cafe, located underneath the bookstore. Their bagels are to die for and they have excellent coffee, as well as local wines and beer. I'll post more details as they become available. :)

PS for those who have an e-book, I have plans for signing for you, too! Never fear! :D


  1. ROFLMAO... sweetie, you are just the coolest! Love you!

  2. it is necessary for my actual survival for you to continue in your quest of world changing literary profession.

  3. it is necessary for my actual survival for you to continue in your quest of world changing literary profession.

    1. working on it!
      Break down ALL the barriers! :D