Sunday, February 24

What a week... let's not do that again!

I spent most of this past week in the hospital, finding out lots of things I don't have. :P It was frustrating, but at least we've ruled out a bunch of major stuff. The good news: I should not be dying anytime soon. Whoot!

The bad news? We still don't know the cause of the chest pain or the dizzy spells. So we're back to square one, only this time we know what not to test for, should I have the chest pains again. :)

So no writing done this week, as I had and IV in my hands and it was painful to type, even for short periods (which were mainly used up on Facebook, but I had to reassure folks!), but then I was on some pain killers so my mind wasn't exactly all there, anyhow. lol not that it ever is, but this was worse. :D

having more tests this week, and hopefully we'll narrow it down a bit more so we can figure out what's going on and hopefully fix it. :)

In the meantime, I've got some word count to make up!!!

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