Friday, February 8

Two things...

Well, I'm excited!

First off, my novella, The Natural, will be free tomorrow (February 10th), starting at midnight! Yup. Who loves ya, baby??? :D

Second, my project was accepted at Kickstarter!!
The project is to support both of my book series. My husband is currently in college (graduating at 42!), and we are woefully short on funds, but I have a blog tour and book signings coming up. The Kickstarter project is to help raise some cash so I can get swag, books to autograph and send out as prizes, signs/posters, and maybe a banner for my book signings. :)

There are four different levels of rewards for pledges, so take a look at those, if you like, and consider helping this newbie author start out her career looking as professional as possible. :)

If you would like to help out, please check out the page. :) Any questions? Ask away!
And now, back to your regularly scheduled friday night! :D Folks up north, stay warm and in your house! (And read a good book!) 

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