Friday, February 8

I don't usually do reviews...

but a friend and I decided to trade books to review for each other. I'll be's not my usual reading material, but I liked the way it sounded and I was very pleasantly surprised!

Just finished reading a delightful read-it-in-one-sitting book by my friend Susan Ricci. 'Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems' is a cute, heart-warming story of middle age, internet dating, and the hope of finding real love when you've resigned to never being in love again. I think anyone who's ever participated in an online dating site can appreciate the early tales of woe, and anyone who's ever fallen in love can appreciate the rest. :) I highly recommend this book, for pretty much anyone. :)

Well done, Susan! :)
(and it's only .99 today! Whoot!)
Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems

To further that, I will say that it was impossible for me to put this book down. I nearly wet myself because there wasn't a moment I didn't want to know what happened next. :) (I did run to the bathroom the moment I was done! LOL)

Ms. Ricci writes in a way that makes you think you're reading someone's livejournal or keeping up with their facebook statuses. In a good way. I was very quickly sucked into the story, identified readily with the trials of internet dating, and it was very easy to put myself in the heroine's place, even though I'm almost a decade younger. :) A lot of the same things apply, I think. Ms. Ricci doesn't pull any punches. The heroine's insights and insecurities are easy to relate to, and her descriptions of the events and emotions are enough to have you grinning or frowning along with the protagonist.

I normally go for steamy, erotic love stories with lots of adventure, but this was a very nice change of pace for me. It appealed to me on a level that's hard to describe, except to say that Cindy is the type of person I would love to meet for brunch one day and just share some good old-fashioned girl-talk with. And I'd be jealous of her, if not for the fact that I have my very own hero right here at home with me. :)

I highly recommend Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, and I hope I haven't given too much of it away in this review. Like I said, I don't often review books. :) Great read, Susan! Can't wait to read your next one! :)

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