Sunday, October 21

And now, for a wee bit of a teaser...

An excerpt from Brothers in Arms, book two of the Hearts of Ishira series...

             Arianna’s mouth began to water. She didn’t realize that she was radiating sexual tension until Aleah leaned down to murmur in her ear.
            “Unless you want them all completely distracted, dear, you should put that desire in a bubble for now,” the older woman chuckled.
            Ri stared at her, heat flooding her face, then looked back at the men. Her men.
            She tried to shield, she really did, but lord, they were so gorgeous. Their bare chests gleamed with exertion. Sean’s hair was freed from the leather thongs, whipping behind him, loose and riding on the wind of his movements like war banners. The snarl on his lips was primitive and feral, his eyes locked to Hunter and Jace, watching them like a cat on the hunt.
Hunter was crouched on top of a stack of crates, growling down at Sean, but his slick black hair hung loose over his shoulder and half of his face. He looked like a warrior of the deep jungle, part cat, part man, and all hers. He felt her thoughts and fully approved of her fierce possessiveness. As she stared at him, Hunter looked up through that curtain of hair without moving, his brilliant green eyes latching to hers from under straight, dark brows. It was just for a moment, as he was catching his breath. He caught her hot look and sent her a wild mental image of his sweaty, glistening body impaling hers with the triumphant passion raised in battle, his mouth latched to her breast as he held her up and pounded into her body. She stifled a longing cry as her knees weakened. 
From his position atop the compound’s wall, Jace also sent her a mental image… of his head buried between her legs, his mouth taking her to glorious heights, then his body taking hers, swift and strong, dominating her. Her fingernails bit into the fence railing, her mouth dry, her eyes wide and dilated with the double onslaught of passion.
Finally, as though realizing what the others had done, Sean stood up straight, stared right at her, and sent her his own image… of him beneath her, his big beautiful body hers to explore, her thighs open and accepting him to the root as she rode him to their combined fulfillment. At the point in the vision where his body arched to hilt into hers with his climax, he gave an incredible, feral roar and went for Hunter and Jace with deadly intent. 

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