Tuesday, October 30

we interrupt this halloween blog hop for a special announcement...

A friend turned me on to this last night, and I wanted to share. I figured a blog-hop was a great way for other authors to find it, if they don't already have Scrivener:


They're having a special... instead of the normal 30 day trial, since this is NaNo, they're letting us use the trial version (which includes a special template just for NaNo) until December 7th. If you complete the 50K words, you will be able to buy the full version of Scrivener for half price!!!!

I downloaded the trial last night and played with it using an existing manuscript and so far I am loving it!!!! The corkboards are awesome, the character sheets are great, and I love that I can work on just one scene, separate each 'part' into chapters and further separate the chapter into scenes. That makes it so much easier to find what I need to work on! :)

I'm in love so far!

And now, back to the blog-hop! If you're here for that, keep scrolling! :)

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