Sunday, October 21


The greatest danger to anyone trying to accomplish something is distraction. If you're an Oooh Shiny! person like me, it's even worse!

Recently, I moved my writing area upstairs, where I would be less distracted by the TV, my husband's homework, the in-laws and animals that we share a home with, the lovely views outside our windows, etc.

What I didn't count on was the fact that all my toys are upstairs! Now, get your mind out of the gutter... I don't have any of those toys... okay, maybe one, but I hardly ever... never mind. *blush* Anyhow, all of my craft stuff is upstairs, out of the way. But the only place to put my writing station is between one set of supplies and another.

It's no wonder that my heroine in Hearts of Ishira is a crafter! Sheesh! :)

But there are other distractions, too, most of them in my head. Ishira isn't the only world in there and Hunter, Ri, Jace, and Sean aren't the only characters vying for attention. It's kinda crowded in there! And while that's perfectly fine, because it gives me a ton of stories to work on later, they do kinda try to work themselves into the current story.

I haven't managed to get a lot of writing done on book two of the Ishira series, but that's mostly because of all the off-shoots caused by the first story. I have a bunch of little novellas that want to come out, shorter side-stories showing the point of view of other folks on Ishira, or even the point of view of folks still searching for it. All of that is just with Ishira and doesn't count the further adventures of my current characters. I mean, these people live a long time... I could, conceivably, write just about Ri and her guys for the rest of my career and probably make it awesome. They keep coming up with the most amazing things, in my opinion. I wish I could write as quickly and accurately as I see the 'movies' in my head!

Ah well... I'm currently distracted by Panthers football. I don't care how they're doing... they're my team and I will support them to the end! :) Love my boys in sky blue! (If you've never seen the autumn sky in North Carolina, against the backdrop of changing leaves, you are truly missing out!)

I guess I'll go knit for the rest of the game, then relocate upstairs to write so my husband can actually do all the homework he didn't do over his Fall Break. LOL College students! Sheesh! You'd think, since we're old enough to be the parents of the kids he's going to school with, he'd be more disciplined, but... not so much. It's okay. He still gets it done and he's still the inspiration for all my heroes. :)

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