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Well, I've been playing with some new writing software, and I'm loving it! There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get past that, it's fairly easy. I like the organizational options, love being able to see just what I need to see, right in the same 'binder'. It has areas for character sheets/pictures, same for places and research.

The only thing I'm having issues with is the title page, but I'll get that figured out, I hope! :)

So onward!

I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year!!! It's my first time, but people are being gentle. :D

The first night, I stayed up till midnight of 11/1 so I could do a 'virtual kick-off' with several local writers. That was interesting, but my google hangouts wasn't working so great, so I just wrote. Went to sleep, woke up, and wrote some more with a different set of writing friends, and ended up with 6454 words for my first day.

I'm thinking the second day will have considerably fewer, but the night is young, so who knows?

Anyhow, just to prove I write stuff other than 'Ishira', here's a sneak peak at the new story:

         Maddie paused as she passed a small shuttle. There was an energy somewhere nearby, something familiar. It set her mind on guard, though, prompting her to raise her personal shields against an attack of some sort. Intrigued and wary, she took a capture unit from her thigh pocket and set it to accept, should she need it.
Not all ghosts were to be captured… just the dangerous ones, the ones with enough knowledge and evil within their souls to do physical damage if allowed to be set free. But the small temporary unit she held looked much like a ball-point pen from her time at the turn of the century, two-thousand. This unit held a soul long enough for her to determine whether it was rogue or ‘safe’.
“Halt!” a Guard stopped her as she set foot on the ramp up to the shuttle. She turned, her luminous breast badge flashing her credentials at him. “Do you need assistance?”
“I’m not sure yet,” she told him. “Stand by.”
“Aye, Marshal.” He took up a position at the base of the ramp, watching as she slowly ‘felt’ her way up and into the ship.
Once inside, she let her eyes adjust to the darker interior. The landing bay of the station was brightly lit, but most ships had more natural lighting that was easier on the eyes for long periods of time. Opening her senses, Maddie quickly found a bearing and hurried through the main cargo/personnel area, heading for the engine room. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. Whoever was back here was foolish, if they were an escaped soul. Everyone knew that the first place a soul would seek was a place of power, an energy leak of some sort or simply an outlet to plug into.
She sighed when she got to the energy, her eyes moistening.
Mac, this is a very bad place to hide, she said softly in her mind, not wanting to alert the Guard outside to what she’d found.
Mac was instantly alert and in defensive mode but Maddie blocked his burst of mental energy, an attack they’d practiced on one another many times.
Maddie! He cursed, fluently and at length. She held back a snort of laughter. Maddie, you’re not taking me back there.
It’s my job, she reminded him.
I’ll get away from you, he warned and she could feel his energy gathering just for that purpose. But she had placed a mental hold on him, surrounded him with her own shield, before he awakened. When he realized that, his energy stilled. She got the feeling that if he had eyes, he’d be using them to plead with her.
Mac, she said, what are you doing? You know they’ll send their best to find you.
You’re not turning me in? He asked carefully. She smiled sadly to herself.
I couldn’t do it three months ago, and I won’t do it now.
You know I’m innocent.
I don’t know what to believe anymore, Mac, she admitted. The files…
The files are doctored, Maddie, he said urgently. Take a look for yourself.
I can’t do that and let you wander free, Mac. You know that.
Maddie… nothing’s leaving the station for another four hours because of the solar flare. Just… promise me you’ll look into it.
I can’t let you go, she repeated, aiming her capture unit at his energy.
I can’t let you take me, he said softly. Before she could combat it, Mac used a fierce burst of power, augmented by the generators in the hold, and smashed through her shield. Maddie cried out at the instant of pain as her shields were torn through, but then glared around the hold, trying to find him again.
Mac! Dammit, that hurt!
Find the truth, Maddie. Then find me again and we’ll talk.

 I'm hoping that this will be a pre-Christmas release. Depends on my support staff. :D Oh, and my work ethic. *grin* And my Christmas/Yule present list. Need to get those made somewhere in all this! No, I don't sleep. Why do you ask? LOL

But I'm so jazzed! I've already got a tentative outline for this new book. It won't be as long as Hearts of Ishira, but it will be more than 50,000 words. Not nearly as long, but I'm sure that it will be far more than 50K. That's just how I roll.

So yeah... let me know what you think about the new story so far!

And be gentle.

Remember... it's my first time! :D

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