Sunday, November 4

A peek at chapter three of the NaNo book...

I spent a wonderful autumn afternoon writing in a used book store with my Asheville NaNoWriMo group. We had a nice little area that we later found out was called 'Middle Earth', which just rocked our socks. :D So we talked, wrote, talked, joked, wrote, drank wine and coffee and mimosas and just had a grand time.

I managed 3,000 words, so yay for that, and I'm working on more tonight with my friends online, but here's a snippet I wrote today. (Again, for those just joining us, this is unedited and from the hip!)
        "Take it back?” Maddie whispered toward Mac's energy, incredulous. “Take it back?”
“Maddie, calm down,” Nate rushed back into the room, his concerned gaze on her vitals strips. “You’re going to open your wounds again.”
Take it back?” Maddie cried, ignoring Nate. “Mac, damn you! Manifest, you miserable glob of fog, so I can strangle you!”
“Maddie, you really do need to calm down, baby,” Mac said urgently through the com unit.
“Don’t you dare call me that!” she cried, angry tears pouring down her cheeks. “You bastard! You put me through the past ten years of heartache because you couldn’t figure out how to take it back?”
“It’s not that simple-” Mac attempted, but Maddie overrode him.
“It’s easy as hell!” she gritted out through clenched teeth. “You say, ‘I’m sorry, Maddie. I was a complete jackass scaredy-cat, but one moment of idiocy can’t erase two lifetimes of love, so… I’m an ass, I’m sorry, and I don’t want to leave you ever again!’” She sobbed once, swallowed the next one. “That’s how you take it back, you moron!”
Caleb stopped at the door, having heard her rant. Nate was staring at her, stunned at her outburst and troubled by her tears.
“And you two!” Maddie said, turning on them from her bed. “I am not a history lesson, a dusty archive, or a legend. I’m a woman! You can like the idea of me, you can even think you love the person you imagine me to be, but you can’t be ‘in love’ with me, because you have no idea who I am! Mac knows me, and even he couldn’t love me enough!”
The sob she let out at the end of her rant was enough to break all their hearts.
“Maddie,” Mac began. She shook her head, laying back on the pillows and turning her face away from them all.
“Just go away, all of you. Leave me alone.”

On my way out, I talked with a lady about her lovely sweater (which she bought hand-made from a lady in Galway), and was given the business card for the guy that organizes book signings and readings and such. If I can figure out how to make that happen, I might have a local book signing! Squeee!
And finally, I tweeted my book to one of my favorite actresses when she asked for recommendations. LOL I doubt she bought it, but who knows? If she reads and likes it, the squee I emit might just kill all the bats in our little valley! LOL 

Off to write some more! Wheeeeee!!!!!

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