Saturday, November 24

taking a little break

Sorry that I have not been updating recently. I've been taking a wee bit of a break, since my hubby's been out of school for the holiday. :) I'll be back bright and early on Monday, hopefully with something juicy/good to report on or talk about. lol

In the meantime, please remember to shop local as much as you can, and if you're buying books for your loved ones, try to support independent booksellers, rather than the big-box stores. When possible, buy hand-made from artisans you know, to help support them and their art. All of us indie authors and artisans will thank you for your patronage!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend (heck, I know folks who are still traveling and spending time with family over the whole 4-day holiday!), and remember that Monday is Cyber-Monday, so save a bit of spending cash for that, too! :)

hugs and much love to you all! :)

oh, and for those that are interested in arts and crafts, I have started a separate blog (under my real name) for that kind of thing... reviews of products, crafts I try, and project processes for different kinds of crafts.

All Strings Attached!
check it out!

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