Saturday, November 3

Rollin' along...

Not much going on today, other than writing, but I've already passed the NaNo daily goal.

I'm trying REALLY hard not to merge my universes! It would be so easy for me to do, and even plausible. But I'm resisting... so far. :) Working in chapter three of the NaNo book... I think. LOL These things start out as one chapter and end up as another, once I get going and the back-story introduces itself. Then it's a matter of going back, plugging in more details, extra scenes, etc, and adjusting the rest of the story accordingly. At least, that's what happened with Hearts of Ishira. I'm hoping that since I have a tentative outline in place already for What the Soul Desires, I'll be able to keep on track a bit better. :)

And it keeps wanting to turn into another menage erotica, instead of just sci-fi romance. I blame Jenna! :D

Here's another snippet of what went down last night. I kinda like posting these. Let me know if I should stop... wouldn't want to give away too much!


         That was a bit of an adventure, Mac’s voice startled her, causing Maddie to drop her washcloth as she squeaked.
“Mac, dammit! I’m in the shower!”
And I’ve seen you naked many times before, he reminded her, his mental voice mischievous. When did you get a tattoo on your hip? And what does it…
His voice trailed off and Maddie waited, knowing what he was going to say.
“Just drop it!” she gritted out, her teeth clenched as she plopped the washrag on its shelf and started dragging her fingers through her wet hair.
But that’s my name on your hip, he pointed out.
“And it’s John’s on my shoulder-blade,” she snarled. “What’s your point?”
You said you’d never get another tattoo, after his, Mac reminded her quietly.
“Yeah, well then you had to go and get executed.”
You don’t put people’s names on your body unless there’s deep emotion involved, he said, trying to puzzle it out. She could feel his curiosity, but wasn’t ready to explore that part of their past.
“Mac, what do you want?” she all but yelled.
I want to know why you followed my order so easily, he said, his voice all business now. She rolled her eyes, knowing he would see it.
“Because we were partners for more than forty years, you idiot,” she sighed. “And you were my mentor before that. During. Whatever! Either way, I’ve been following your imperatives for far too long to not immediately do as you say, especially when you’re in my head like that.”
Fair enough, he allowed. So what’s our next move?
“The next move?” she asked, incredulous. “The next move is for me to get some freakin’ sleep. I haven’t slept in three days now. I need rest, if we’re going to find out just what’s going on, and you need to find a spare outlet and overload.”
He chuckled, the sound warm and sweet in her mind.
Are you sure you want me to have more power? he purred at her ear with a tiny rush of cold air. Shivers shot straight from her ear down to her core, just as they always did when he whispered to her like that. Just as he knew they would.
“Stop that!” she said, trembling. “We have a lot to do. Besides, you broke it off ten years ago. This is not a good time to start something up again.”
Why not? He probably thought he was quite reasonable in asking the question. Maddie wished he was corporeal, so she could smash his face. Not that she was normally a violent person, but Mac had always brought out her emotional extremes.
“Because you’re a flippin’ ghost,” she pointed out, trying to get her body under control as she roughly toweled herself off and hurried into a flight suit. At least she’d have some sort of barrier against him if she was dressed.
And a ghost is all I’ll ever be, if we don’t find my body, he reminded her gently.


Back to it! Feedback is, as always, welcome. :) Just remember that the snippets I'm posting for NaNo are unedited, straight from my head. They're not perfect, nor are they complete. The finished scene in the book will most likely be much different. Unless it works. Then I'll try to leave well enough alone! :D


  1. Ummmm.... more is coming, right? ;-)

  2. That's the plan!
    This is only chapter two. :D

  3. Oooooooooh. It's kind of naughty the way he is in her head.

  4. teehee... he's a ghost... it's the only way they can talk at the moment... but yeah. Much naughtiness is forthcoming... :D