Wednesday, November 14


yesterday, I worked my fingers off on the sub-plot for Brothers in Arms, second book in the Hearts of Ishira series. I was happy with what I wrote, but not.

The more I write about the sub-plot, the more it thinks it deserves its own book! WTF? You're supposed to be secondary to the main story, NOT primary! LOL

So now I'm thinking it might just be a third book. I just don't know, and not knowing is KILLING me! LOL

okay, it's not killing me, but it is ripping me apart inside, frustrating the crap out of me, and begging me to take each 'part' of this book seriously.

So do I write both stories, trading chapters? Do I put little pieces of the sub-plot into the main story, building up to where the two meet? Do I see where both lead, and if there's enough to each, make them their own separate stories? I think I have enough imagination to make that happen *grin*.

Ah well... All I DO know is that until I get it figured out, my beta readers are going to hate me! LOL

BTW... for folks who bought my book on Nook and Kindle, I've updated the cover to something a little more 'erotic', if you want to re-download the file to update it. :) If you like the waterfall, don't do a thing. :D

Today: trying to decide between knitting and writing/editing. It's my husband's birthday and I haven't finished his present yet. I will post pics of it when I do, though. Trust me... unless you're a prude with no sense of humor, you'll want to see this. :D (and when you do, remember that HE picked out the design! LOL )


  1. Its rippung me apart insiee ahh yes i know the feeling well :-p

  2. lol Patience! I'm almost there. :D Still looking for closer to Christmas, though. Hang in there! :D

  3. Hang in there? I might need life support before too pong lol :-)

  4. You have my intrest piqued with a chosen handmade gift that has humor?

  5. I like the waterfall but now I Of course now I am also wondering about the knitting. Nominated you for the Liebster award here:

    It was a lot of fun. ;)

  6. Jen, I'll post the pic of the hat shortly!
    Adaline Rose, thanks for nominating me!!!! I will do that post tomorrow, most likely, as I have too many scenes in my head I wanna write down tonight. :D

    but I'll post the hat, for fun, now. :D