Sunday, November 11

will they or won't they?

I'm often amazed by where my characters choose to go in a scene. I have learned that what I wish is rarely important... I can set the scene, but if they don't like it, they'll go elsewhere before letting me write. LOL

Today, for instance, I had a scene firmly in mind, of how my current lady (sub-plot) was going to make love with her companions for the first time. I figured she would make love to one of them, then days later, the other, with the two-fer not happening till later.

Apparently, she's a bit more adventurous than me. :)

Then she ended up with a nasty sunburn, or what her rescuers thought was a nasty burn. But apparently, since she's a ginger, sunburn isn't nearly as painful as so many years of abstinence. And there appears to be a great deal of fun to be had with burn gel, especially if it's from a society advanced enough to instantly diminish pain... but not pleasure. :D

And who knew that it took two sets of big, strong hands to cover a small red-head with burn gel? Huh. You learn something new every day. :D

Time to go back to knitting. And maybe go take a cold shower. Whew!

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