Monday, November 12

Covers are a bear!!!!

Well, after fighting my computer and learning everything that a mouse can and can't do while photo-editing, I was finally able to get my cover for 'Hearts of Ishira' re-worked. I really should say 'new cover', since I didn't include much of the old cover in this, besides perhaps the font.

And I'm not even sure about that.

But it's done!!! I used royalty-free images, so no copyright issues (since I'll be giving proper credit per the terms of use from the photo site from which I snagged these pics). I just need to get that together and into the book.

Here's a peek at it. I'll post a 'full cover' tomorrow, once I've re-worked the Createspace version and have a front and back.

PS for those who have the original cover on their paper-backs, but want the new one, send me a private message or catch me on facebook and we'll figure something out. :) Though you WILL have the 'first edition' printing, should I ever become a household name or anything awesome like that. *wink*

oh, and don't forget my give-away for hand-made swag!!!! Check out the Mystery Swag Bag contest!!! Right now it's heavily leaning to one particular person, so you need to make with the clicks on the rafflecopter or she'll get it all! LOL

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