Tuesday, March 26

mental vacation...

Hi folks!

I hope today finds you warm and cozy, wherever you may be. Here in the southern mountains of North Carolina, it's flurrying off and on, and school has been cancelled for the day, so the HoBA (husband of Bethany Aan) is home from student teaching.

Which means less writing and more time watching shows, playing video games (Yes, I still do that at 42!), and getting my butt handed to me in Scrabble. I'm the wonderful speller in the family, but he's a much better strategist than I am, and often goes for points where I tend to play the more interesting/impressive words, even if it means letting go of points. :D

The writing has been going, but very slowly. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with book two of the Ishira series. I think it's because I want to tell the entire story NOW, but I can't. I've also heard that some folks are turned off by a cliff-hanger and books that must be read in a series, but this IS a series. You CAN read book two before book one, but you're going to miss some important stuff and be halfway into the story. That can't be helped.

Well, it probably could, but this story is unfolding as it will, and my main goal is to tell the story, not appease the masses. :) Hopefully, the story will make up for the cliffhangers. :)

Anyhoo... I've been taking a mental vacation and knitting, instead, working on some birthday presents that will be delivered this weekend when we go home to visit our families for Easter. :)

I also have an urge to write some dirtier stuff, some not-nearly-as-sweet stuff, and I might just do that under another name... see what happens with that. :D Why not, right??

Ah well... I'm off to knit. It has become my form of meditation, since my hands need to stay busy at all times. And since I read an article about crafting releasing the same endorphins and hormones as meditation, it has become a daily 'zen' moment for me. :)

okay, done rambling for now. Hope you have a great afternoon! :) 


  1. Nothing wrong with books flowing from 1 into 2 etc. Victoria Danann's Order of the Black Swan series does that quite well. Not cliff hangers but just knowing that more of the current characters' stories are expanding in each book. (Warning, book 1, My Familiar Stranger is almost always free on amazon and smashwords). I also like books that complete a story and move on to new characters, new worlds etc. I just like books.

  2. Thanks! I grabbed the first book last night. :)

  3. Hope you enjoy reading about Elora and the guys.