Friday, March 29

Easter weekend and a special price!

My creative juices have been flowing the last few days, which is only to be expected, since I had stuff other than writing that I needed to focus on! :P

So I've been doing an 'inspiration dump', getting ideas for future stories down in their own files, with all the details I can and a few scenes that came to mind.

Out of town for Easter, then back to hit the keyboard hard and see if I can't wrangle 'Storms of Ishira' (new working title for book two) into some semblance of order. :) I've got the story mostly done... it's figuring out how to make the timeline work that's got me pulling out my hair! LOL

For those traveling, safe journey. For those staying home, enjoy! And for all who are celebrating one holiday or another (or just enjoying having a long weekend), may your holiday be bright, blessed, and filled with love and happiness. :)

BTW... The Natural is on sale for $.99 for another few days! If you haven't read it yet, now's the time. It'll be going back up to regular price next week. :)

The Natural

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