Monday, April 8

Book Review: Gift of the Goddess, 5 AAs

I might just start doing more reviews, as I read stuff. Just for fun. :)

Today, I wanted to do a review on a book I got during a free download from Amazon... Gift of the Goddess, by Denise Rossetti.

I'm giving this one Five Batteries. (yes, that's my new rating system for erotica/romance books AAs for batteries. *grin*)

I thought about giving it four, for one reason only: there is m/m and m/m/f involved. I'm all for the gay movement... anyone who knows me knows that. But it's not a turn on for me in my reading material. So take that as you will.

However, as that was on the amazon page when I downloaded it, it's only fair to give the story it's due.

All that being said, the way Rossetti presented the m/m relationship made it valid and believable. It wasn't just a case of spur of the moment sexual attraction, but the physical side of a strong friendship and complex relationship between master and pupil.

The heroine, Anje, is a Scout, on a mission from her people to find out where groups of raiders are hiding out, their movements, etc. She is tracking one of these groups when she spots two men camping near a lake. When one of the men stretches out on a rock and 'enjoys' the sunshine and himself, she can't help but watch. He's beautiful and she hasn't been laid in a long time.

Anje is found out, though, when the rock-man's partner sneaks up on her, thinking she's trying to ambush them.

But when Brin carries her back to their camp and sees her, he believes that she is a Gift of the Goddess, Lufra, Goddess of pleasure. Determined that she is the one they have been seeking, the only one that can help save their dying race, Trey and Brin wage a war of seduction. Normally, I'd say any woman would kick them in the balls and be done with it, but when faced with the High Priest of Lufra and his pupil, Anje finds that they are a powerful combination. What Brin promises, he delivers:

"You'll surrender, scout, and you'll glory in it. You'll abandon yourself and adore it. Because you trust—trust absolutely." 

And you can't argue too much with a faith with laws like 'no man shall enter any part of a woman's body unless she has climaxed at least once. Every time'. I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea. It's not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, but a feast of the senses, and by the time the first seduction is done, you will have used a bit more battery power, if you get my meaning.

And lest you think Anje the victim... she does get some of her own back, I promise. :D

The fantasy story is a good one, and the justification for the characters' motivations are sound. With proper suspension of disbelief, I was able to accept this world at face value. That's a pet peeve of mine, so I wanted to mention it. :)  (There are some books I've read where I was like, "Really? Have you ever even HELD a science book???)

The world-building is rich, and the sex is phenomenal. I have new bookmarks in my e-reader for this one!

If you like menage and don't mind some guy on guy, this is probably the book for you. For me... m/m is usually a flip-through-the-pages jump, but I didn't need to do that with this book, because the sex was secondary to the relationship. That is key. The intimacy of that was only enhanced by the sexual aspect, and that only made the entire 3-way more interesting and deep.

It was good enough for a second read-through. I went back for an afternoon quickie and stayed for the story, even though I already knew what was going to happen. Since that was last week and I'm still thinking about it, I'm guessing that's a really good sign. :) It's a keeper. 

So yeah... 5 AAs for this one. I really enjoyed it, and I will be looking for more of Ms. Rossetti's books in the near future. If this one is her usual fair, I'm a fan already!

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