Thursday, April 25

Review- Restraint by Erica Chilson

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Restraint, Erica Chilson
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That was quite a ride!

Whew. Okay. Catching my breath and soothing my mind. Speaking of minds, this is totally a mind-fuck book.

The people in this story are BROKEN. Understandable, once you find out why, but still... wow.

Not really sure how much I can say without giving it all away, so I'll just say this: HOT, even though there's only one sex scene, which I was surprised about.

I WILL post this as a warning: There is a possibly triggering scene. I'm usually very sensitive to those, but the way Ms. Chilson handled it was... amazing. You'll know what I mean if you read it.

People can be so fucked up. What amazes me every time is how they can overcome and live with their various issues... and find people that need to give them just what they need to heal. I've seen it in real life, and I love reading about it. It gives me hope. :)

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