Saturday, April 20

Naughty Girl book review- 4 batteries

So I picked this one up when it was free yesterday and read it this morning because I had a cat on me and neither one of us wanted me to get out of bed yet. :)

Yeah, have batteries handy. :)
This is DEFINITELY going to the 'afternoon pick-me-up' shelf on my reader! *wink* 

The only reason this didn't get 5 batteries is because there wasn't enough sex in it. When someone writes these scenes as well as Ms. Metal does, I want MORE! Just sayin'.

So here's my review, without spoilers.

I really enjoyed Naughty Girl!

I've read a number of BDSM books where half the story seemed to be explaining the 'life' of those who participate. Not so with this book. There were tidbits here and there, but it read much more like the novella it was supposed to be than a 'get started' guide, and I like that. The writing was smooth and the story flowed very well.

I love Alex but Paul made my heart race! I love an alpha male with a heart and a strong protective streak. Gets my motor running every time. :)

Can't wait for the sequel, if there is one. *Hint hint I'd like one! hint hint*

Thanks, Scarlett Metal, for an enjoyable morning's read. My husband will thank you later... ;)

And here's the link for Naughty Girl. Only $.99. Can't beat that!

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