Wednesday, April 10

Review of Captured, 3 hearts

Captured, by Erica Stevens, is a YA dystopian/vampire story.

The war is over, and the humans lost. Now they live in caves and forests, hiding from the vampires and hoping they don't end up as blood slaves. Dying is preferable.

Aria is captured and sold...but there's a twist.

There's not much more I can say about this without giving away a LOT of the story.

Suffice to say that the vampires are NOT fluffy, happy, redeemed souls. That's refreshing, actually. For someone who was raised on the vampire legends of old, it's nice to see one where only a few of them have redeeming qualities.

The tension in this story is well-done. The relationship moves at a pace that makes sense, considering the differences in their worlds and species.

While this is a YA, it is definitely dark. There is very little sex, but a decent amount of sexual tension. And the romance is... complicated, as it should be between a human and a vamp. :)

All in all, I will be reading the next book, mainly because this one ends so abruptly, and on a down-note. I like HEA, or at least the promise of it, so the ending was kind of abrupt for me. If you like cliff-hangers, though, it's not a problem! This is one! :)

Since I can't give it any battery ratings, I'll give it 3 hearts out of five. The story was fairly predictable, there are definite signs of other books that have influenced the writing, but it was a good read and I did finish it. :) I actually stayed up past bedtime to do so. :D

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