Monday, September 3

The Writing Space..

I have a computer armoire that I bought about ten years ago. Sheesh! This thing's old now! LOL But I bought it back when most people had desk-top computers, not laptops, and this thing is made for a large monitor, not a flat-screen or a laptop.

So I'm trying to figure out how to reconfigure it into a writer-friendly space, since it's the only space that's totally mine. :)

1) I'd like to put it upstairs, as that's a nice, quiet place during the day, and that's when I've been getting most of my writing done lately. My husband is out to school 4 days a week, and three of those days, he's there till nearly 9pm. LOTS of writing time, and lots of imagining time, since he's gone and can't distract me with his awesomeness. :D

2) I'm thinking of having a one-cup coffee maker for it, perhaps even a two-slice toaster, if I can find one small enough. I'd LOVE to get a mini-fridge for upstairs, but that might be pushing it. LOL Maybe I can find one of those three-in-one kitchen appliances... toaster oven, coffee pot, and burner. I dunno.

3) I need to find good posters of my 'inspirations' for the book I'm working on. I could probably just print them out and post them inside the doors of the armoire, but I'd like something high-quality so I can drool refer back for details as needed.

4) Need to install speakers in the thing, so they won't fall every time I breathe a little too hard. (Which for some of my writing, heavy breathing is crucial. Just sayin'!)

*sigh* I need someone with great organizational skills to come straighten everything out for me and 'make it so', so I can just go upstairs and do my thing. Anyone? Anyone?? Ah well... it was worth a shot!

Well, the hubby is about to start homework, so I'm going upstairs to start rearranging furniture and tackling the pile-o-craft that manages to accumulate everywhere I go. Fun times! :)

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