Sunday, September 16

I went and did it...

After much nausea, wishy-washyness, and general procrastination, I did it.

The files have been uploaded, the 'publish now' buttons have been pushed. Of course, that doesn't mean my book will show up in the lists anytime real soon. Apparently, all those files have to go through a review at the various places I uploaded them, before they go on sale.

BUT the hard-copy is going to be $18. I know it's a lot, but not too many folks are buying paperbacks anymore, I don't think. Unless they want autographs. But we shall see. So far, it's looking like I can buy a case of my own books and give them out as christmas presents and everyone in my family (and close friends) would be thrilled with that. :P But I think that might be a wee bit tacky. I dunno... I'll have to ask!

In the meantime, I'm taking the rest of today off! LOL I've been up since 5:30am, trying to get everything figured out, edited, formatted, etc, and now that it's done... I'm not sure what to do with myself.

Oh! Right! I have frozen peach daquiris in the freezer, and an awesome autumn scarf that is a mindless pattern, but fairly quick to knit. Maybe I'll put on some new age music and chillax with my knittin' and get my drink on! :D

As soon as links are available for my book, I'll have them up here on my blog, I hope! In the meantime... I'm crossing my fingers that at least one copy sells before my birthday, so I can officially be a published author by the time I'm 42. That's at the end of September, so there's still time... :)

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