Tuesday, September 18

And we have: A WEBSITE!!!!!

www.bethanyaan.com is LIVE!!!!!

You can access everything there, as well! Whoot!

I have the most incredible friends. I can never repay some of you!!!

So yeah... things are moving along.

Last night, I could NOT get to sleep to save my life! Too many scene ideas floating around in my brain for book 2. finally, I got up, grabbed a pen and my fun little sticky-note hardcover pad and started writing scene ideas down. One or two to a page, as they came to me, and I've got like 11 stickies now, waiting to be converted into writing goodness. by the time I was done, I was nearly in tears! Who knew that things would get that intense??? I certainly didn't! These characters want to rip my heart right out! I don't know how it will end, but I'm sure that it will end the way it should.

Now to get back to the main meat of the story. I might be throwing out most of my old stuff, after all. Except for The Challenge. I AM going to keep that one in there, dammit!

okay... enough on that... I need to get back to work!

Thanks to everyone out there spreading the word. I truly appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart!!!!

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