Sunday, September 23

Decisions, decions...

I'm in a strange place in my writing today.

A few weeks ago, one set of characters wanted the story to go a particular way, but didn't tell me WHEN they wanted their story to be told. I wrote what they showed me and put it in my 'holding area' folder.

Then last week, another set of characters decided to make themselves known and show me an entire new story arc.

The problem is, they both want their moment in the sun, but they both want it in one book, which doesn't happen to be THIS one. :P

It's hard to decide what to do about it though. I've already invested so many hours in writing those two different stories, just to get them OUT so that I didn't lose them.

This afternoon, they're telling me to keep the stories, but exchange the characters. ARGH! lol

So I think I will... the stories will remain basically the same, but with the names changed, so that we have one set of characters finding Ishira before the others. I'd love to do it in the same book, but one of my ladies wants to be in this one, though she hasn't decided where she's going to end up yet. It's kind of like a roulette wheel... she's in there, but she's bouncing around so much, I can't figure out just which niche to let her land in.

Ah well... something one of my readers suggested is also bouncing around with that. Maybe I can gel the two, then write the other characters without this one as a distraction.

Vague enough for ya? lol

Ah well... guess I'll get to it. See what comes out of the fingers as I type. :)

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