Friday, September 14

Taking a mental health day...

I had grand plans today: Get up. Caffeinate myself. Play on Facebook for far longer than absolutely necessary, then get to work on the 'polishing' of my first book, so I can put it up for sale either this weekend or early next week.

Instead, today turned into a 'mental health day'. We did NOTHING at all productive today, and we liked it! We simply enjoyed each others' company, which was so nice, since we rarely get to see each other very much lately.

See, my husband is in his senior year of college. Don't get excited, we're not young kids... we both turn 42 this fall. So he's got a lot of classes, in addition to an internship and involvement in one of the clubs on campus. It's therapy for him, since it's the fencing club and he's a rapier fighter within the medieval re-creation group we play with, when we can. It also gives me a few more hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays of uninterrupted writing time, if I take advantage of it.

But this morning, instead of vegging out on Facebook or watching TV, he took me out to breakfast. Then to a bookstore, where I *gasp* actually had the courage to start doing some marketing! Yes, I talked to the folks at this small-town bookstore about the fact that I'm about to self-publish a book. They didn't seem put off by it in the least, and were even very eager to help by hosting book signings and such! Whoot!

I wasn't sure how I was going to hold a book-signing when my book is going directly to e-pub, but then a friend told me about the publish-on-demand options at Amazon. Once I do a bit more research and forum-trolling on the pub-on-demand, I might be putting links here to go to the local bookseller. I'm a very firm believer in supporting local small businesses, and hope that any of my readers would help support them, as well.

We came home, by which time I had a horrible headache. I tried to edit a little bit, but I'm in panic phase right now, so I decided to back away from the manuscript slowly, so no one gets hurt! *grin* Took a nap, watched some movies with my wonderful hubby and worked on a knitting project with some yummy new yarn, and now you're up to date.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow will see me up, bright and early, working on my manuscript. Not only do I need to do a final polish on it, clean up any typos, run one last spell-check (you know how often I have to hit 'add to dictionary' when writing a sci-fi where half the words for things are made-up???), and adjust the formatting.

Sounds like it's not too tall an order, until you know that the book is over 200K long and 549 pages!

Yup. I think I'm gonna need a bigger coffee pot...

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