Friday, September 21

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday!

I have managed to get very little accomplished this week, writing-wise. But that's okay. After the big push last week and putting the book up for sale, this week has been a whirlwind!

There's a lot going on in Ishira, though, for book 2 and a lot of set-up for the following books. I think everything's kind of sitting in my mental crock-pot, simmering and melding, so that when it's ready, I can sit down and just let it flow out of me.

You probably won't hear much out of me when that happens, though. I tend to get lost in the writing, and let a lot of other stuff fall by the wayside. lol But it's all good... there are days when I can crank out nearly 30K words, and others where I'm doing great just to get 4K. Just depends on what's floating at the top of the crock-pot that day. :D

I'll post pics later of the sleeve of Ri's sweater. I'm almost done with it. Figured I'd finish that today while watching movies and catching up on DVRed stuff with my sweetie, since his weekend starts today. :)

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