Monday, September 10

Almost there!

Well, the weekend is gone and Monday has happened. This weekend was my 5th wedding anniversary, to the most incredible man I've ever known. We've been together for 16 years, but only married the past 5. (He had commitment issues, but that's a post for another time, and perhaps a bottle of wine!)

Anyway, the main reason I've been so busy for the past 3-4 days and not online much, is that I've been trying to get my house in order. I'm also trying to create a nice writing space upstairs in my bedroom, so that I'm not constantly near a line of traffic involving very barky dogs, in-laws that go in and out of the house a lot, and folks popping their heads in saying they just want to tell me something 'really quick'. Now if I can just get the family to understand that when the headphones are on, I'm not here. I'm on Ishira. So respect the headphones, people! LOL If I've got them on, I'm in my own little world, so wait for me to finish typing and look up at you. Anything else, and the house better be on fire.

Reason number two for all of this... privacy and relative quiet, so I can do the FINAL polish on my first book!!!!! *kermit arms* It's done.

There are a few things folks have said need editing, but mostly spelling. My mother is NEVER going let me live down the fact that I misspelled 'Asimov' in a sci-fi novel. Never. She giggled the whole time she was telling me about it. Just for the record, I DO know how to spell Asimov, dang it! My durn fingers just don't like typing it. I've mis-typed it several times just trying to write this entry! LOL

So yeah... the goal is to get this book polished and out for sale within the next week or two. My personal deadline is September 30th (though I hope it's sooner), simply because I want to be published by the time I'm 42. :)

All right... enough about me... there's a whole world my heroine is trying to save from genocide. I'd better let her get back to it! eeep!


  1. Go you on getting your first baby ready to shove out into the world. Congrats on finally seeing that you and Sal belonged together. I know the journey you've been on and I am so happy for you.

  2. Thanks!!! You've been with me every writing step of the way! :)