Tuesday, September 4

The Women are in Charge

So my two main female characters, Arianna and Bev, decided they wanted some action today. Not the happy-fun kind, but actual 'let's show these guys a thing or two about Earth girls!' action. Bev showed herself to be an incredible fighter pilot, while Ri got tired of waiting for Hunter to help her with something and took matters into her own hands.

Both times, Hunter was involved. Hmm... I must have something in mind for him, that he will need to be able to rely completely on them at some point. But he was very gracious about both incidents, thankfully. LOL Ri doesn't like getting yelled at. She'd MUCH rather be making love or snuggling or.. well... anything else, really.

I was able to get two new scenes written, one of which was new in my head, the other has been floating around for awhile, waiting for the right time to be written. Tonight my gang was really talking to me.

At least they go slowly enough for me to keep up! LOL

I have quite a bit to do tomorrow, so in an effort to avoid all that, I'll probably get a lot more writing done. We shall see whether writing wins out over housework. Either way, there will be a vet visit and a trip to the post office. :)

I'm wondering if I should post teasers here? Maybe I should wait until more than one person is reading it... lol

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