Friday, August 8

why I don't blog very often...

A friend asked me today why I don't blog as often as a lot of other writers seem to.

Well, the answer is really simple: I don't write until I have something to say, even if I'm the only one who thinks it's worthwhile.

Case in point: I could have written about my new kitten when we got him. Do you guys come here for updates on what cute thing he's done today? Nope. You have facebook for that, I'm assuming. Not that I'll never post pics of him... if I ever catch him licking the aquarium again, trying to get to the fishies, I'll be recording and posting that! It was too adorable for words.

I could have written about my summer shenanigans, if I had any. :P The highlights so far have been watching several different TV series we missed the first time around. Netflix is a wonderful thing, isn't it?? And since HoBA is home for the summer, thanks to being a teacher, we've been able to go through a number of series... Dexter, Farscape, Lost Girl, and most recently and still working on it, Game of Thrones. We're in season 4, right after the wedding, so no spoilers!!!! HoBA has been using my morning sleeps (since I write best at night, after he's in bed and the house is quiet) to watch movies he didn't have time to watch while school was in session.

I could have written about my writing exploits, but as I have nothing amazing to update you on, I figured it was best to spend my writing energy elsewhere... like putting it into several books that are nearing completion... including Storms of Ishira. (I knew you'd ask, so I figured I'd just let ya know!)

I might have told you of my gardening adventures, but again, you don't come here for that. Or my foray into aquaponics, since I'll be using it in several different books. I need to get that going again... hmm...

And of course, there's always the usual 'here's what I did today, I'm sure it's far more interesting to me than it is to you!' posts.

But look at the above: I've updated my entire summer break in several paragraphs. I could go into detail about each one. I'm writer... we like doing things like that.

So here we are, all caught up!

I will have more interesting posts coming up soon, I promise. I've read several really awesome books in the past few months and I want to sit down and review them for you so you can run out and get them, if you haven't already read them. :)

I will also be posting teasers soon from a new book I'm almost done with.

Oh! And there is one piece of business I should mention... I've updated Hearts of Ishira with the original cover of torsos. I've also done some revising and have added bonus 'preview' chapters at the end, leading into Storms of Ishira. So if you haven't read those yet, see if you can get the updated revision and look for it at the end of Hearts. :)

Well, that's about it... Other than watching movies, cleaning, raising a rambunctious kitten, and writing when and where I can, things haven't been all that exciting. That should change in a month or two, though. Until then, I'll see about getting those reviews up for you! :)

Have fun, read lots, and be sure to post reviews and links for the authors and books you support. Every time you share a link, there's a new sales potential for the author, but more importantly, you're introducing friends to a whole new world and new people to fall in love with. :)


  1. Sounds like a good summer, hope your mention of exciting posts means there'll be some book releases before the end of the year.

  2. I can hardly wait for Storms to be released! I am glad you're enjoying summer and doing some relaxing. I heard on the Weather Channel that they are forecasting cold weather to begin in September, so we should all get the summer as long as we can to do fun things! Thanks for the update and congratulations on your new fur baby! I have 3 myself. Happy day!,