Monday, August 18

Interesting... If you wanna pay that much for my book... :D

So my mom calls me today. She'd googled me and saw a few things that made her say "hmmm...". Apparently, there are book outlets out there that are selling my hard-copy for twice the cover price and more. One seller has it listed for $53 and some change!

Dude... if you wanna spend that much on one of my books, PLEASE let me know! I'll order it for you, sign it, number it, and maybe crochet a book jacket for it. Sheesh! $53 dollars?? PLEASE don't pay that much for my book. The one that is available at Createspace at the moment is the ORIGINAL published book. Same cover, all the mistakes, etc. I'm leaving it up for just a bit longer, but will be updating it September 15th of this year.

So here's the deal... I'm planning on buying 10-20 of the original printings very shortly. If you'd like to join in on that, the price will be $20, but includes me signing it and mailing it to you. There might be extras in the mailing.

Basically, if you want a signed copy of the original, comment here or PM me with your e-mail address. I'll send you a Paypal invoice for however many copies you'd like and will mail them out the moment they come in, in September.

Thanks, and please share where folks might want to know. I don't want my readers bilked out of money, and I'm sure you guys would rather have an autographed copy, much cheaper than the 'used' books that are being offered on Amazon and other outlets.

Hugs to everyone, and if you don't want to comment here or PM me, send me a note with your e-mail and how many copies you want at

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