Tuesday, December 24

Merry Christmas!!!

To all of those who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve and Day!

Searching for last minute gift ideas??

So you've been wanting Aunt Mary to read my book?

Remember that a book gifted through Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com is the perfect way to introduce your friends and family to your favorite new authors! (and me! LOL)



And giving to them sends me a bit of a gift, as well.

Two pressies with one gift! Booyah! You're a gifting god/goddess!!!! :D

Shameless plug aside, I hope every one of you has a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.
I have friends and family who follow many different faiths or spiritual paths, as do I, but Christmas is such a wonderful tradition, cobbled from numerous other winter celebrations over the centuries, I know that many of you are celebrating Yule, Solstice, or even Festivus.

Whatever you choose to celebrate during this happy time, please do so carefully, respectfully, and with all the love and joy in your heart.

And wait till you see how they celebrate on Ishira! :D

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